Sample Homeschool Transcript

Click on the link here to view a sample transcript for home-school families. Note the importance of having a number grade as well as a letter grade, of indicating which courses were taught by other instructors or in a dual-credit setting, and the weighted as well as unweighted GPA at the end. Enjoy! – Sample Transcript – Word Document Sample-Transcript … Continue reading

College Scholarships: Start Early and Aim High

As a scholarship coach and consultant, I am often surprised at the misconceptions parents and students have regarding scholarships and who receives them. With $24 billion available each year, there are scholarship opportunities for students of almost all abilities, achievements, backgrounds and aspirations. The key is to separate fact from fiction early on so you can make strategic decisions right … Continue reading

Attend the Ivy Leagues for Free

Even the most accomplished students often choose not to apply to the Ivy Leagues because they assume it would be cost prohibitive. Supporting their pessimism is the recent upheaval in the economy and tightening down on credit, causing experts to predict that student loans may be harder to get. At the same time, college tuition increases annually at two or … Continue reading

Top Ways Parents Can Help Students Win College Scholarships

While it is ultimately up to a student to pursue the best grades and SAT scores possible to position for college admissions and scholarships, there are a number of things parents can do to help their students succeed. Get informed and active early- Parents and students need to know that they cannot wait until the senior year to try to … Continue reading

Private College Prep Coaching

Private College Prep Coaching by Elizabeth HartleyPrivate Consultation: We can set up a private meeting to discuss course selection throughout high school, how to spend summers, explore college choices, prepare for standardized tests, pursue scholarships, improve interview skills, and much more. A private consultation lasts typically 2-3 hours, billed at a flat hourly rate.  All  sessions will be held at the Scholarship Gold office in Lake Wylie, SC.

NOTE- Most families attend the College Bound Essentials workshop before scheduling a private meeting, which is highly recommended.  By attending the workshop first, when/if you do have a private consult, the time can be spent tailoring that information to your student’s strengths and interests. It’s not required that families attend the workshop first but it is strongly encouraged.
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Price: $195

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Meeting Prep Guide

Pre-Meeting Prep Notes Thank you for choosing to use my services for your college planning and scholarship search efforts. My hope and expectation is that you will find our time together informative and empowering. Below you will find a list of items that you can bring to our meeting that will help us make the most of our time together. … Continue reading

Concierge Coaching
Comprehensive Support & Guidance

Concierge Coaching. Comprehensive Support & Guidance by Elizabeth Hartley

Concierge Coaching– This is the highest level, most comprehensive coaching we offer but it is limited to a small number of students per graduating class.  Currently, the concierge classes are full through the class of 2021 but there is plenty of availability to meet with Elizabeth Hartley or another consultant on staff on an “a la carte” basis.  Contact [email protected] to set up your first session!


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Price: $500 to $3,500
9th-12th grades

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Great Schools for Students with Not-So-Great SAT’s

Great Schools for Students with Not-So-Great SAT’s By Elizabeth Hartley Sometimes good students do not perform well on standardized tests. They make good grades, have a strong work ethic and will be successful college students but filling in circles with #2 pencils is not their forte. Does this mean, as some people think, that a student’s only option is to … Continue reading