Sample Homeschool Transcript

Click on the link here to view a sample transcript for home-school families. Note the importance of having a number grade as well as a letter grade, of indicating which courses were taught by other instructors or in a dual-credit setting, and the weighted as well as unweighted GPA at the end. Enjoy! – Sample Transcript – Word Document Sample-Transcript … Continue reading

Top Ways Parents Can Help Students Win College Scholarships

While it is ultimately up to a student to pursue the best grades and SAT scores possible to position for college admissions and scholarships, there are a number of things parents can do to help their students succeed. Get informed and active early- Parents and students need to know that they cannot wait until the senior year to try to … Continue reading

Meeting Prep Guide

Pre-Meeting Prep Notes Thank you for choosing to use my services for your college planning and scholarship search efforts. My hope and expectation is that you will find our time together informative and empowering. Below you will find a list of items that you can bring to our meeting that will help us make the most of our time together. … Continue reading

Great Schools for Students with Not-So-Great SAT’s

Great Schools for Students with Not-So-Great SAT’s By Elizabeth Hartley Sometimes good students do not perform well on standardized tests. They make good grades, have a strong work ethic and will be successful college students but filling in circles with #2 pencils is not their forte. Does this mean, as some people think, that a student’s only option is to … Continue reading

Glossary of Admission Terminology

Admissions and Financial Aid – Essential Terminlogy The world of college admissions and financial aid exposes applicants to a whole new vocabulary that can make the process intimidating and confusing. Listed below are some terms that may be helpful in navigating the process easier. (AP)- Advanced Placement courses – Students who want to challenge themselves academically, potentially earn college credit … Continue reading

What Can Federal Financial Aid Do For You?

When a parent fills out a FAFSA application, available on this site or at the outcome of the FAFSA application will allow the student to be considered for various need-based programs, listed below.  Some awards are specific for students pursuing certain careers or majors.  Students who believe they may qualify for one of these special programs should contact their financial … Continue reading

Distinguish Yourself with the Congressional Award

“The Congressional Award, a public-private partnership, established by Congress in 1979 under Public Law 96-114, is a non-competitive program open to young people ages 14-23, regardless of mental or physical challenges, or socioeconomic status. The Congressional Award Foundation teaches participants to set and achieve personally challenging goals that build character, and foster community service, personal development, and citizenship.” (from Congressional … Continue reading

Get Power of Attorney for College Bound Students

Get Power of Attorney for College Bound Students By Elizabeth Hartley  In all of the excitement of planning for college, there is a critical component many parents fail to consider; getting power of attorney for their student.  Parents need power of attorney for all students over 18 in order to be able to assist with their medical, educational and legal … Continue reading