College Scholarships: Start Early and Aim High

As a scholarship coach and consultant, I am often surprised at the misconceptions parents and students have regarding scholarships and who receives them. With $24 billion available each year, there are scholarship opportunities for students of almost all abilities, achievements, backgrounds and aspirations. The key is to separate fact from fiction early on so you can make strategic decisions right … Continue reading

Attend the Ivy Leagues for Free

Even the most accomplished students often choose not to apply to the Ivy Leagues because they assume it would be cost prohibitive. Supporting their pessimism is the recent upheaval in the economy and tightening down on credit, causing experts to predict that student loans may be harder to get. At the same time, college tuition increases annually at two or … Continue reading

Top Ways Parents Can Help Students Win College Scholarships

While it is ultimately up to a student to pursue the best grades and SAT scores possible to position for college admissions and scholarships, there are a number of things parents can do to help their students succeed. Get informed and active early- Parents and students need to know that they cannot wait until the senior year to try to … Continue reading

Glossary of Admission Terminology

Admissions and Financial Aid – Essential Terminlogy The world of college admissions and financial aid exposes applicants to a whole new vocabulary that can make the process intimidating and confusing. Listed below are some terms that may be helpful in navigating the process easier. (AP)- Advanced Placement courses – Students who want to challenge themselves academically, potentially earn college credit … Continue reading

Interview Basics – How to Prepare

Scholarship and admission opportunities can be won or lost in the interview. It is important that the student prepare thoroughly to make sure that he or she conveys the right image and information to the interviewer. Students who engage and impress the interviewers can end up with better admission and scholarship results than the students who have stronger academic records. … Continue reading

How to Compare SAT Scores and ACT Scores

Students often take both the SAT and the ACT but can’t tell which score is comparatively higher.  It is confusing, especially since the scoring scale between the two is so dramatically different.  The following is a chart, created by CollegeBoard, that helps you convert one to a rough equivalent of the other. Bear in mind that the SAT scores shown … Continue reading

Write Winning Admission Essays

Many colleges want to get a better idea of who you are and what you want to do than your academic record will reveal. They often require one or more essays as part of the application process. Some essay questions will have specific prompts and others may be left up to your discretion. Even if the application states that answering … Continue reading

College Scholarships and Grants

How to Get the best success in College Admissions, Scholarships and Grants Funding With Elizabeth Hartley Author, Coach, Consultant 7th – 12th Grade students and parents, working with Elizabeth means that you get expert help, the best, to position yourself for top results. Prepare now for college admission and scholarships. My clients have secured millions of dollars in scholarship funding … Continue reading

Military scholarships

With our recent activity in hostile areas, people have been less inclined to look at military scholarships as an option for funding college. While these scholarships are generous, they come with a serious commitment and should not be approached lightly. However, these scholarships may be a perfect opportunity for some students. Here are a few lesser-known options than the typical … Continue reading