Concierge Coaching
Comprehensive Support & Guidance

Many students benefit from a comprehensive consultant to see them regularly throughout high school and prepare them for their eventual admission and scholarship efforts. These clients receive step by step assistance , meetings each semester to review progress and scheduling, help completing college applications, interview preparation, financial aid application and appeals and all other steps leading to college.

Concierge clients also receive unlimited access to all workshops at no extra charge, including Interview Skills, Essay Writing for Admissions and College Bound Basics.

A great solution for students and families who want to make sure they do the right things every step of the way! A popular option for home school families who want the benefit of a private guidance counselor. During the “crunch times” of deadlines, concierge clients are given priority scheduling for all of their needs, a valuable benefit during the hectic application and scholarship season.

While the College Prep Coaching session introduces parents and students to what they need to do to navigate college admissions & scholarships, Concierge Services takes things to a whole new level. Available for students in 9th—12th grades.

To accommodate various levels of need, a variety of affordable packages are available.

All concierge clients receive priority booking for all meetings/consultations during the hectic application season. Individual hourly clients will be accommodated after concierge clients have been booked.

If you are interested in finding out if Ms. Hartley has room for more concierge students, since she is cautious to not over-commit, please contact her by phone or email to discuss your student’s specific needs.

Senior Concierge Package

This package is for all the families who want the peace of mind that their student is making fully-informed decisions for college and they are maximizing their options for admission, scholarships and financial aid. This package includes everything below.

College Prep & Application– This package begins with a 2-hour meeting with Elizabeth Hartley and the student and parents. This “foundation meeting” will include an interview with the student and will educate the family on the process ahead, setting out a “game plan” for the coming months.

Follow up sessions will provide additional guidance for: · Creating the list of colleges that best fit the student’s profile and goals · Guidance on identifying scholarships for which the student may apply/compete and assisting in those pursuits · Assistance creating an academic resume · Assistance and review of up to 5 college applications before submitting · Guidance on getting best letters of recommendation · Guidance on preparing for the ACT, SAT I and SAT II tests and creating a testing schedule

Essay Review and Editing– The package includes admission to the Essay Writing workshops before writing his/her required admission or scholarship essays as well as unlimited essay reviews, proofing and editorial suggestions A well-written essay can make a tremendous difference in an application.

College Prep Workshops– The student is welcome to attend as many of the Scholarship Gold Workshops as they choose during the course of their senior year. Workshops are offered frequently and provide engaging and interactive instruction regarding Interview Skills and Effective Communication, Essay Writing for Admissions and Scholarships, College Bound Essentials, SAT/ACT Practice testing and strategy sessions and much more. Workshops would normally cost $75/each but all fees are waived for concierge clients.

Financial Aid– This package also includes working with parents to file for financial aid (FAFSA and PROFILE) and will work with them to appeal for a better financial aid package. (Past appeals have often resulted in getting $30,000- $50,000 in grants/scholarships. Results vary by college and individual clients.)

Interview prep– If the student is a candidate for a merit scholarship or requires an admission interview, intensive interview coaching is included in this package. Admission to the workshop on Interview Skills and Effective Communication is included.

Job shadowing/career exploration– If the student is in need of career exploration through job shadowing, Ms. Hartley will facilitate these services.

Call for Pricing for all of these services in the Senior Package

Junior-Senior Package – Two Years of Services

The Junior-Senior package covers all of the services described above plus additional services provided in the areas of:

  • Determining the student’s course optimal schedule
  • Advising on extracurricular pursuits to strengthen their student resume
  • Guidance on finding  leadership and community service efforts
  • Advising on the best ways to make use of summer vacation
  • Guidance and assistance on determining the schools to explore and tour
  • Reviewing potential colleges to determine the student’s best choices for admission
  • Unlimited admission to all of the Scholarship Gold workshops

Call for Pricing on the Junior-Senior package above

*Family rate available- Generous discounts for multiple children in one family

Comprehensive Guidance Throughout High School
For 9th and 10th graders

Families wishing to provide their students with comprehensive guidance throughout high school, beginning in grades 9 or 10, can get all of the benefits in the Junior/Senior services each year of high school for only an additional $500 per year over the Junior-Senior package. This is option can bring peace of mind to families who want to make sure they are on course each step of the way.

Comprehensive guidance available for 10th-12th grades
Comprehensive guidance available for 9th-12th grades

*Family rate available- Generous discounts for multiple children in one family


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