College Scholarships and Grants

How to Get the best success in College Admissions, Scholarships and Grants Funding With Elizabeth Hartley

Author, Coach, Consultant

7th – 12th Grade students and parents, working with Elizabeth means that you get expert help, the best, to position yourself for top results. Prepare now for college admission and scholarships. My clients have secured millions of dollars in scholarship funding and admission into their most desired schools.
While others claim to offer similar services, I encourage you to carefully consider the professional qualifications and proven performance of any college and career counselor or college placement and scholarship business.

Parents, I meet with you and your student to help you both understand what lies ahead, specifically for your student, pertaining to all that needs to be done and achieved to succeed in the process of admissions, scholarships and pursuing the best financial aid package.
My goal is to equip each family with the knowledge they need to confidently and enthusiastically implement the best plan for their student’s future.

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