Helpful Links

Listed below are some of the links I use often in my consulting and coaching.

This site allows you to register for the SAT and PSAT and has some good SAT prep and college admission resources for students and parents. Also use the College Search function to create a custom short list of your desired schools, track admission deadlines and more.

This site allows you to register for the ACT and to indicate that you want your previous ACT scores sent to the schools of your choice.

This site offers free test prep for the SAT, ACT, AP and CLEP tests through handy flashcards, practice tests and more.

This site offers free, impressively helpful services for any writing assignment by checking for signs of plagiarism, misspellings, grammar errors and wise use of vocabulary.

This site provides some helpful college-search functions and will even allow a student to create their own profile (gpa, class rank, SAT or ACT scores, etc.) and will then show the student a graph indicating how many students with similar qualifications were admitted and denied to the schools the students chooses.

This site allows you to register for the SAT and PSAT and has some good SAT prep and college admission resources for students and parents.

Princeton Review

This site not only provides information on services and classes offered by Princeton Review, it also allows you to register for free strategy sessions and free practice tests.  On the home page, enter your zip code in the top right corner and press Enter.  Then click on the Free Events tab.

NCAA registration site

Students who wish to play sports in college will need to register with the NCAA in their junior year.  This site is the complete source of all  registration information and related resources.

CollegeNavigator- Info on Colleges and Universities in US

This site is owned by the US Dept of Education and provides concise statistics and information on almost every college in the country.  Use it to look at admissions requirements, avg SAT’s, retention rates for students, graduation rates and costs.

Khan Academy- Free tutoring for math, physics, biology, chemistry, stats and SAT

This site has phenomenal 10-minute videos (over 2100 of them) explaining and teaching a variety of very specific topics. The person narrating, Sam Khan of, has degrees from Harvard and MIT and is a gifted instructor. He has a huge library of videos just for SAT prep too, following along with the questions in the College Board’s official SAT PREP GUIDE.

Chegg Test Prep – Free Test Rep Resources and Study Guides

With this site you can get instant access to hundreds of expert SAT, ACT, and GRE test prep guides. One of their most popular guides is the top 50 strategies for SAT test day article.

SAT Test Prep:
ACT Test Prep: