How To Prepare for an College Admission Interview

Scholarship and admission opportunities can be won or lost in the interview. It is important that the student prepare thoroughly to make sure that he or she conveys the right image and information to the interviewer. Students who engage and impress the interviewers can end up with better admission and scholarship results than the students who have stronger academic records.

Before a scholarship interview, the student should do some homework. Look online and find out:

1. For whom was the scholarship named and why?

2. How was that person affiliated with that university or foundation?

3. Are there any famous former recipients of the scholarship?

4. On what key elements are the applicants judged?

5. How does this applicant specifically meet each requirement for the competition?

Before an admission interview, the student should know:

  1. The top 3 things the student wants to communicate about him/herself
  2. Why the school is a great match for the student
  3. What the student will contribute to the campus experiences of others
  4. A brief history of the college and the name of the current president
  5. The areas of study for which the school is best known
  6. Any unique programs that the school offers (study abroad, January terms, etc.)
  7. How that school fits the needs of this student but also how the student could be an asset to the school and other students (diversity, leadership, etc)

It’s also important that the student who is going to an interview put sufficient effort into practicing basic interview questions, what to wear and how to follow up professionally and politely. Opportunities are won or lost in the interview so students should make sure they prepare well and treat it with the importance it deserves.

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