Interview Preparation


Students facing interviews for scholarships or  for admission to highly selective schools need to understand the process and dynamics of the interview, how to determine their best “selling points”, how to highlight those points and they need to practice the most likely questions they will encounter in the session.

Sessions are priced by the hour.  How much time a student needs varies according to the student and/or the purpose of the interview.  Some do well with only 2 hours while others are better served with multiple sessions.


Admissions and scholarships can be won and lost in the interview.
Preparation is key!

As a frequent interview judge and experienced coach, Elizabeth Hartley teaches the student :

  • how to identify the most critical characteristics/facts that need to be conveyed in the interview,
  • how to make sure to cover those items in the interview,
  • how to speak effectively and articulately,
  • how to handle the most common interview questions by repeatably practicing the top 50 questions
  • how to identify the best questions they should be prepared to ask
  • how to dress for the event and convey positive body language
  • how to handle questions that are particularly challenging or uncomfortable
  • how to follow up after the interview

Successful past clients have won full admission and scholarships to Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, MIT, UNC, UVA, Wofford, Erskine, USC, Virginia Tech, USC, Georgetown, Washington and Lee, NC State and many others.  They consistently provide feedback that this interview prep was a key element in their success.

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