How to Pay for College

In the two episodes featured below on How to Pay for College HQ Podcast (a weekly interviews conducted by Celest Horton with industry experts) Elizabeth provides inspiration and guidelines to help parents and students learn How to Pay for College.

In this episode, Elizabeth discusses the Senior Year – Timeline for Success:



Scholarship Gold- Guiding Students and Parents through the College-Bound Journey

With Elizabeth Hartley, Author, Coach, Consultant

Navigating the college-bound journey can be stressful for the whole family.   At Scholarship Gold we offer you resources to help you make confident and effective decisions each step of the way.  We help make the transition to college less stressful.

We have found that students benefit most when their journey towards college is thoughtfully navigated starting as early as 8th or 9th grade.  Through our workshops and private consulting, we can educate families on:

– Course choices throughout high school

– How to spend summer breaks

– Selecting colleges to optimize scholarships & financial aid that best fit a student’s credentials

– SAT and ACT test scheduling & suggest prep strategies

– Writing compelling essays for admission and scholarships

– Interview skills

– Application tips and strategies

– Scholarship preparation

– Understanding the financial aid process

– Much, much more!

Because private sessions book out so early, it is highly encouraged that families first attend a College Bound Essentials workshop if at all possible.  See the Events Tab of the site for upcoming dates.

Why Scholarship Gold:


I am happy to report that our daughter Mary made an early decision to apply to University of Pennsylvania and was accepted! She is so excited and we are so proud of her.  She has met her goal of getting into an Ivy League School.  Although she worked hard to achieve this goal, we all agree that this would not have happened without your services. Thank you for all of the valuable information and guidance you have given to us.

The first time you met with us, you reviewed Mary's academic portfolio and our financial situation; and, you said to us "Mary is golden".  You were right, of course.  If Mary does a work study program on campus, which is the plan, we will owe $6,700 per year and this includes a study abroad program.  This is one tenth of the annual cost AND,  Mary gets to go to Penn!!

Kathleen January 20, 2016