The Coach

About The Coach – Elizabeth Hartley

Consider the value of experience when choosing the person to assist your student as they seek admission and scholarships.

Elizabeth Hartley has been building her credentials and experience for the last 20 years by pursuing and receiving full scholarships, judging for scholarship competitions, coaching students who win prestigious full scholarships all across the country and guiding hundreds of students through the college search, admission and financial aid process. She is a credentialed full member of NACAC (Natl. Association of College Admission Counselors) as well as SACAC (Southern Association of College Admissions Counselors).

Scholarship Recipient

Elizabeth won multiple full scholarships which provided for:

  • All four years of undergraduate school
  • All expenses for graduate school in England
  • A summer studying the ecology of the Outer Banks of NC
  • A winter studying whale migration in Hawaii.

Scholarship Judge

Elizabeth also serves often as a merit scholarship judge and scholarship administrator and has conducted hundreds of professional interviews. She uses interactive and meaningful techniques to help students present themselves in the most effective ways possible.


She writes a newspaper column, wrote a book, Scholarship Gold,  and publishes a free monthly e-newsletter.


Elizabeth volunteers throughout the region by frequently speaking to families and students at public and private high schools, home school conventions, civic groups and non-profit foundation meetings.

Citizen of the Year 2009

For service to her community and the surrounding areas in the area of education and college planning, she was awarded the 2009 Citizen of the Year by the region’s Chamber of Commerce.


Ms. Hartley’s scholarship clients in the last 5 years alone won over $6.5 million in scholarship funds.  Awards have averaged $70,000, with the highest award exceeding $250,000. (On a personal note, her own daughter won four full ride merit scholarships to outstanding schools and is now attending an Ivy League, Dartmouth College.)

Personal Note

In addition to her professional endeavors, Ms. Hartley is:

  • Happily married for 25 years & mom to three great kids and many exchange students
  • Active member of Rotary club
  • On the board for Walnut Grove Christian School
  • Volunteer for Camp Joy, a camp for mentally and physically challenged adults
  • Volunteer for local foundations, overseeing and coordinating scholarship competitions

Consider the qualifications of anyone claiming to be an expert in the area of college planning.  Pick someone who has the qualifications you seek to help create the brightest future for your student.