Three Young Teenagers

Recent Testimonials:

I just wanted to let you know that the time my family and I spent with you last week has made me think about college a lot differently than I did before. When my parents kept talking about all I needed to do to prepare for college, I guess I just thought of it as nagging. Now I understand that if I don’t step it up and take the ownership of it you were telling me about, I won’t have the options I want (and thought I would have). I DO want to go to a good school but I’ve got to take it seriously and get into gear- but now I’m excited about it! You gave me a lot to think about and I really want to thank you. I’ll probably be back once I’m working on my college applications and essays.

Josh T. November 3, 2014

Mrs. Hartley, Morgan and I wanted to thank you for all your help this past year in our college adventure. Morgan was accepted to every university she applied and received some nice scholarships. She loves UNC-W and is ready to accept. Thank you, again, for your assistance!

T.G. November 3, 2014

Thank you so much for meeting with me this week! I always learn so many useful pieces of information that I know will help me in the near future. Thank you for showing me some new colleges and giving me ideas on how to improve my resume. I really value your advice, and I'm so privileged to have received much of it this week.

Abigail L. November 3, 2014

Dear Ms. Hartley,
I just wanted to say thank you for helping me through the process of finding a college. I used almost everything in the binder you gave me! I ended up applying to only four schools and just wanted you to know that I received acceptance letters from three of those schools. Again, just wanted to thank you for everything!

Kate C. November 3, 2014

Mrs. Hartley, let me start off by saying that I have been helped enormously by your class and editing. At such a frantic time with filling out applications to so many different schools it cannot be expressed how much help you provide for us students. Thanks to your expert help, my essays are well-written and ready to send off to colleges! Once again, thank-you for all that you've done; it is so appreciated.

Brian W. November 3, 2014

Thank you for all you have done for us! We have learned so much from your workshops and you have been so helpful returning my emails promptly. You are greatly appreciated and we thank you for your guidance and expertise.

Cheryl and Austin G November 3, 2014

Thank you so much for your time, support, guidance and wisdom throughout these four years. I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough for your help in the application process. I truly appreciate the time and interest you have put into my future. Your guidance has saved me (and my family) so much stress this fall. I can't wait to start my college experience at Wake Forest next fall. I am forever grateful for our guidance.

Matthew H. November 3, 2014

Thank you for blessing us again with your generous help for Jonathan. He was impressed with your expertise and has been very complimentary of your help with practicing his interview skills. He interviews with M.I.T. in November. Many thanks again.

Cynthia November 3, 2014

Thank you very much for holding your interview class. I know the knowledge I gained will be extremely helpful when I am applying for scholarships.
One thing I truly appreciated was the example questions you put together in the notebook. They will be invaluable when I am preparing for interviews.

J.B. November 3, 2014

Mrs. Elizabeth, thank you tremendously for all of your help with my college application, scholarship, and selection process. With your wisdom, guidance, and mentor-ship, I've figured out exactly what I want in a college,; learned how to interview; discovered a bit more of what I want to do with my life; and, ultimately attained a level of confidence. Thank you for your time, hard-work, and loving care for each individual student.
You have inspired me in numerous ways, and I hope to carry all that I have learned from you and I embark into the future.

J. Morgan November 3, 2014