Other Valuable Workshops

College planning workshopTo supplement the information provided in the College Bound Essentials workshop or one-on-one session, a variety of intensive and fun workshops are offered.  Typically, admission is $75 per student for a 3 hour course and parents are welcome to come along at no added charge!  View and register for upcoming workshops on the EVENTS section of this website.

Want the workshop to come to you?  Discuss with Elizabeth Hartley the idea of bringing one or more of these workshops to your school, homeschool association or youth group.  It can be an exciting and informative event for your group’s families.

Throughout the school year, and especially in the fall, specialty workshops are offered on the following topics:

Interview Skills and Effective Communications- This fun and interactive workshop covers 

  • body language- posture, eye contact, hand shakes…all of the ways you send a message without even saying a word.  We’ll also cover what to wear to admissions and scholarship events.
  • how to answer questions articulately and thoughtfully, in a way that tells the other person you are mature and able to think critically
  • word crutches and the importance of ditching them.  We’ll get rid of the “ums”, “likes”, “you knows” and other crutches that make someone sound indecisive and unconvincing.
  • the most common interview questions for admissions, scholarships and employment.  Participants will be given a chance to practice how they would answer those questions in an interview setting.
  • We will also break into small groups and practice interviewing and providing constructive feedback to one another.

Essay Writing for Admissions and Scholarships-  Offered multiple times mid-August through November

A well crafted personal statement or application essay can make a world of difference in a student’s admission and scholarship opportunities.  I’ve discussed this topic with numerous admissions directors from various universities and will be glad to share their thoughts on what they look for in a great essay.
In this session we will cover the mechanics of a compelling and effective essay and each student will construct their “personal statement” essay that will be required on many admission and scholarship applications.  Once constructed, the student can use this essay for multiple applications with perhaps a few tweaks to modify it for different schools.
If a rising senior has already identified the specific admission essay they need to write, they are invited to work on that topic in class.
Who should attend?  This essay class is useful for rising seniors but also for sophomores and juniors who may be applying for academic camps or scholarships before their senior year.  Students can bring laptops or simply work with the “old school” pen and paper.
Middle School EssentialsNavigating the path to high school and college–  for 5th through 9th graders



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